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Lean Board Game ™

Applying the Production Management and Lean Manufacturing Concepts, Tools and Principles

The Lean Board Game © was developed with the purpose of providing advanced technical knowledge about Manufacturing Engineering and Lean Manufacturing to the participants, through a highly interactive and motivating board game. To do that, the training teams are divided into two sub-teams in order to create a competition environment, and then receive a couple of information about the market demand, suppliers and internal processes. Based on that information, the sub-teams are challenged to create a complete Productive System starting from zero. The basic learning activities provided by this game are:

  • Shifts and journeys definition
  • Machines and equipments selection and acquisition
  • Labor hiring
  • Auxiliary resources and devices acquisition
  • In-process Bins/Racks definition and acquisition
  • Factory layout design including aisles, areas for materials handling, people circulation, support functions and in-process materials stock and supermarket
  • Productive areas synchronization
  • Processes and activities distribution

Several concepts and tools are applied during the rounds of the game, such as:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Standardized Work
  • Continuous Flow
  • Pull System & Kanban
  • Setup Reduction
  • TPM
  • Error Proofing & Poka Yoke
  • and more...

Auxiliary Board


After defining and establishing the initial production picture, during one entire week, the players will receive short theoretical information about the concepts and tools in a daily basis before starting to practically apply them along the week using the game boards and pieces, thus creating future scenarios and calculating the results they would get with regards to productivity, efficiency, lead time, labor costs, depreciation and profitability. Those results must be consolidated at the end of each one of the rounds. The sub-team presenting the best business performance after the five rounds will win the game!

To finish the layout design, during the third round, the sub-teams will be challenged to idealize and build each workstation of the final assembly line, following a practical preestablished guide.

To do that, they will have to measure the time of each assembly step, size the resources needed to assemble the entire product and determine the best balance of activities between the assembly workstations.

For more information on purchasing the board game, please contact us at (512) 289-7080 or via our website contact form.

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