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Archived Shows

Dr. Hank Radda, Provost of Grand Canyon University

Dr. Hank Radda, Provost of Grand Canyon University. Dr. Radda, the “Dean of Deans,” discusses with Adil several intriguing topics including leadership qualities, the promising future of distance learning and the rapidly changing needs of the present generation to be effectively educated for success in a dynamic and global work environment.

Dr. Hank Radda, Provost of Grand Canyon University, headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., has spent a major portion of his life in academia generating that ripple effect of education. Dr. Radda, an accomplished executive, has held several leadership positions including Dean of Doctoral Studies, Director of Academic Affairs, and Program Chair of Health Administration.

Dr. Radda opens up to the See2B host, Adil Dalal, about his personal life, his career, his passion, his mission and about the future plans of Grand Canyon University. During the interview, Dr. Radda describes what excites and concerns him about his new role as a provost, and also shares his vision for the future of the University. He predicts the rapid shift to eLearning and why offering a seamless blend of distance learning satellite sites supported by a brick-and-mortar “home” is the winning formula for the future of education. He discusses the fundamental qualities of leadership in all industry sectors and how the leadership programs at GCU are geared for developing high-quality leaders who will have an immediate positive impact on our society.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Izzy Gesell: The Power of Laughter: Interacting With Your Funny Bone (Part 1)

A child of Holocaust survivors, Izzy Gesell has himself survived his courageous battle with cancer. Izzy is now an “organizational alchemist” who helps people and organizations like NASA, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cargill and others navigate their internal logjams and emerge more confident, spontaneous and effective through keynotes, breakouts, coaching and facilitated sessions. Among the first to use Improv Theater concepts as tools for personal and organizational learning, he is the author of Playing Along: Group Learning Activities Borrowed From Improvisation Theater and a co-author of Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter, Cancer and the Healing Power of Play.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.


Khaliq-O-Vision is a Grammy Award winning engineer and a mixing specialist who has received the Grammy in 2001-2002 for the legendary Bassist/Producer Marcus Miller’s M2 album. He has worked with some truly amazing musicians of our times – Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Justin Timberlake, Donna Summers, Quincy Jones to name just a few. The highlight of his career was being a part of the All-Star Cast of the "We Are the World" album recorded this to uplift Africa in 1985. He has over 25 years of experience in his field of Sound Engineering and combines the “Old School” Techniques with “New School” Thump!

He is a true ‘Rags to Riches’ story having come out of poverty by his shear love and dedication for music! Above all, Khaliq is an amazingly humble person, a very kind soul who “lives through his Music” and enjoys sharing his amazing wisdom and talents with others!!!

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Bob Burg: The Go-Giver

Bob Burg, best-selling author of The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More and critically acclaimed book, Endless Referral: Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales have each sold 250,000 copies (1 million total) and continues to be used as a training manual for top sales organizations throughout the world. Bob is a founding board member of Club 100, a charitable organization focused on helping underprivileged local area youths.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Billy Billimoria, The Miracle Man: A Thanksgiving Special

What happens when a seasoned executive running project worth several millions for the defense industry is told he has the 4th and final stage of kidney cancer? He… well, listen to this amazing story of a “Miracle Man” and what he says has saved his life. Billy says, “Although I have no scientific proof but I know from my own experience, that it was vital in saving my life”. Billy has not shared with his own family and he will reveal this experience with the world for the first time during week of November 23, 2012 on See2B Talk radio on Amazing Men of Power Radio Network, Powered by Raven International.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Josh Hinds: “The Hinds’ Speech”

When Josh Hinds was an 8-year old child he was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome (TS). Tourettes is a neurological disorder, characterized by repetitive involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. Around the age of 18, Josh developed a new symptom (associated with his TS)--A new symptom which caused him to develop an extreme form of a stutter that left him literally speechless.

Today Josh is an Inspirational speaker and Entrepreneurial Educator. Josh is the author of "It's Your Life, LIVE BIG!" and "Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: (Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out)"!

Josh also publishes the Let’s Talk Motivation newsletter, which provides a source of ongoing motivation and inspiration to its weekly subscribers. Josh’s motto is: It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG! and through his work as an Entrepreneur and Speaker that is exactly what Josh teaches people to do!

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

John Robinson, Author, Motivational / Inspirational Speaker

John is a motivational/inspirational speaker. In the past two years, John has been from Australia to the White House discussing the Obstacles he has overcome! He has spoken to Fortune 500 Corporations and to high school students. He can speak, with authority, to audiences about Overcoming Obstacles in Life, Businesses or Sales!

John is the subject of a national documentary shown on Public Broadcasting Stations titled Get Off Your Knees: The John Robinson Story. He also authored the autobiography Get Off Your Knees: A Story of Faith, Courage, and Determination published by Syracuse University Press.


He has been married for over fifteen years and has three children. In 2001, he was selected to carry the Olympic torch as it passed through Albany, New York on its way to Salt Lake City for the 2002 games.

On Oct 26, 2012, John shares his amazing story about his motivation to be an inspiration in several continents and about his legacy, in his interview with Adil Dalal, Host of See2B Talk radio.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Phil Taylor, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host

Phil Taylor is the author of ‘Set Yourself on Fire! How to Ignite Your Passions and Live The Life You Love!’ as well as a multiple award winning speaker, trainer and internationally recognized authority on communications, sales, team performance, entrepreneurship and goal achievement.

Through his vast experience and specialized knowledge, Phil imparts his extensive insights through his writings, radio program, colorful speeches, interactive programs, seminars and workshops, thus empowering individuals and organizations how to plan, design and achieve optimal results.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Sherry Unwala - Mother with a Great Cause and Mission!! Winner of See2B Contest

Sherry Unwala’s life changed on May 12 2008 when she discovered that her only son Karl, had taken his own life due to severe depression. Karl, was only 26 years old and a wonderful, brilliant, caring and generous soul, who never judged anyone, and believed that everyone deserves a chance in life. Karl’s tragic demise, traumatized the entire family. The only way Sherry was able to overcame her grief is by realizing that Karl’s work that he had started on this planet was incomplete and wanted to continue his legacy to change the planet, one person at a time. Since then she has championed many causes including Awareness for Mental Illness, Suicide Prevention and because of the efforts of SPAN-GA, which Sherry is a member of, Sept 1st week has been declared as Suicide Prevention and Awareness week in the State of Georgia as per the declaration signed into effect on Feb 9, 2012, by Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia. She states "I did not choose this path, the path choose me, when I lost my precious, kind and gentle son Karl to suicide." Sherry is living her legacy of working towards removing the stigma of depression and all mental illness; and save millions of lives through suicide prevention and awareness.

Sherry is also the winner of the See2B contest where the winner is awarded Adil’s book, The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence. She is an avid listener of See2B Talk radio and says,” Listening to Adil Dalal's radio show has helped me strengthen my vision for my legacy. He had definitely motivated me to pursue my goals . I know my purpose now. Adil's visualization techniques were very powerful in reminding me of the legacies left behind by some wonderful people in my life. I request Adil to publish a book and create a DVD of his 5 part series on live your legacy, leave your legacy. This powerful message needs to be shared far and wide. I want to thank Adil profoundly for helping me in my journey to fulfill my Legacy.”

If you want to get more information, visit www.afsp.org for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or www.span-ga.org.

If someone needs help and contemplating suicide please 1-800-273-8255. This is a Lifeline with 159 crisis centers in 49 states.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

Rob Bryant, Guinness World Record Holder, Author, Speaker, An Inspiration to Millions

One split second forever changed the course of Rob Bryant's life. He went to work a healthy husband and father, and was airlifted away on the edge of death, paralyzed from the waist down after falling fifty-five feet during a routine procedure. He has since learned that his fate was not an accident, but a fall to grace; that this turning point was not the end of his life, but the beginning of a new one—a path that would test his mettle, earn him two world records and lead him on a closer walk with God.

Defying doctors' dire predictions that walking was impossible, he triumphed by setting one world record for walking twenty-four miles with braces and crutches and a Guinness World Record for rowing 3,280 miles across America—a 119-day odyssey where he braved 1,200 miles of desert, 60-mile headwinds, mountainous terrain, a terrible crash and a massive kidney infection.

Rob is the author of 3 books and a corporate vice president W/CSC (a Fortune 100 company). Rob has four children and the older two are proudly serving as US Marines. Rob has received world-wide praise for being an inspiration from the likes of First lady, Barbara Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Zig Ziglar and others.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

August 24, 2012 - Legacy=Sum of Our Choices

Life Lessons from my week in Quebec, Canada.

A pre-cursor to the 5-part "Live a Legacy, Leave a Legacy" series

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

August 10, 2012 - The Power of Visualization™: A Master-Key to our Creativity and Survival

Learn about some amazing truths behind the power of visualization™ like:

- Why is the Power of Visualization™ a master-key to our creativity and survival?
- What is the science behind visualization?
- How is our brain pre-wired for visualization?

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

August 3, 2012 - Adil turns the Kitchen Table on Raven, The Talk Show Maven

Adil discuss how Raven transformed her own life using the Power of Visualization™. Raven aka "The Talk Show Maven" is formerly a CNN and currently a popular CBS Radio talk show host.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

July 27, 2012 - Premiere of See2B Radio Program with Adil Dalal

Adil Dalal, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions International ®LLC, premiers his new radio program See2B™ on See2Bradio.com. “See2B: Visualize Your Potential” will feature discussions on a variety of current issues with inspirational leaders and thinkers during the weekly 30 minute show.

Listen to the show by clicking the play button below.

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